Hi, I’m Marie.

I am a reporter, artist, and history enthusiast from northern MN. My current home is Des Moines, IA. I’m always chasing the stories of our past, present, and future. 

I have years of reporting experience with publications in Minnesota and Iowa. Sharing diverse voices and telling their stories drives me. I’m also developing as an artist, and would love to start doing small illustration work professionally. And I’ve always been a history nerd, drawing connections between our past and present.

Currently, I’m a real nerd for Iowa politics. When I have time, you can find me knitting, candlemaking, or learning languages.

I’d love to use my skills to help your next project. Contact me here.


Illustrating and drawing are some of the biggest joys in my life. I’ve been writing, drawing, and creating my own worlds for years. My work is polished, and I can’t wait to start featuring it professionally.

I draw lots of portraits and comics, using mostly pencil and markers. Recently I’ve been dabbling in watercolor. I’ll also be investing in a drawing tablet soon, to start working with digital art.

My art is perfect for your next project. Contact me to see my portfolio.


Over my years of experience as a reporter, I have written hundreds of stories. I have:

  • worked as a reporter for the Grand Rapids Herald-Review
  • reported breaking news at my university newspaper
  • investigated housing insecurity in my hometown
  • did a photo story on what Des Moines looked like early in the COVID-19 pandemic
  • covered city council and school board meetings in Des Moines

I’m particularly interested in features, and the stories of marginalized communities. See my recent work for some highlights.

Historical Thinker

History is behind all of today’s headlines. To effectively cover communities, you have to understand why they are the way they are. Where do inequalities come from? Who are society’s struggles affecting most? Knowing our past is crucial in understanding our present.

Being a lifelong learner of history makes me an asset on any project. Check out my capstone history project on racial discrimination in the Vietnam draft. Or, check out Colloqualising History, the history podcast I produced with my friend in 2020. Each episode, one of us tells the other a wild story of history (my favorite episodes have to be the one about George Washington’s teeth, or the one about Tycho Brahe).

The first season of Colloqualising History is complete, but we hope to keep uploading more episodes soon! Both of us have plenty more topics to explore. Contact me with more podcast details.